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Maritza Delgado

Greeley, CO
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Essentials of Customer Service

Verified by RightSkill

  • Interacts with and manages a variety of customers
  • Communicates with empathy
  • Uses knowledge base to solve problems
  • Manages cases using CRM systems
  • Understands responsibilities of working remotely
  • Generates sales and retaining customers
  • Escalates cases appropriately
  • Understands troubleshooting fundamentals
  • Works with email, phone, and chat tools
  • Stays current with industry trends, like social media
  • Manages time and stress
  • Maintains consistent positive attitude
  • Knows value of being customer focused in work
  • Knows how to adapt language to be brand focused

Additional Skills

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Basic knolwedge of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word
  • Good communication skills
  • Customer service skills

45 words/minute

97.3% accuracy

Audio Sample

Hear Maritza respond to a customer

What I Believe Are My Top 3 Strengths

Accepts responsibility

Time management


What Others see as My Top 3 Strengths

  • I accept change positively and look for support when necessary.
  • I communicate clearly and in a constructive manner when I have concerns.
  • I communicate to peers in a positive manner about our work environment.

My Career Goal

To have a full time CSR job with advancement opportunities in a growing company.

Why I Am Going to Succeed as a CSR

While a junior and senior in high school, I also worked part-time at Cookie Cart, where I excelled at problem
solving and time management. As I enter the workforce, I want to use these skills to succeed in a customer service environment.

My Ideal Work Environment

  • Mentoring program
  • Degree to which individuals are promoted from within
  • Team focus


July 2016
RightSkill-certified Customer 
Service Representative

June 2015
High School Diploma

Work Experience

Oct 2013 -May 2015
Assistant Shift Supervisor
Cookie Cart

  • Duties included mixing cookie dough, baking cookie batches and counter sales
  • Promoted to assistant shift supervisor after four months
  • Employee of the month, Dec 2014
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