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Hire confidently with the RightSkill Assistant Restaurant Manager Program.

Talent Pool
There's not enough talent.

Nationally, there are 10 times as many assistant restaurant manager job postings as there are active candidates.

SOURCE: CareerBuilder's Supply & Demand Portal
We create a larger talent pool.

We source, screen and verify job seekers to create a new pool of job-ready candidates.

Speed To Hire
It takes too long.
SOURCE: Wanted Analytics
We find them quickly.

Skip right to the interview, often in two weeks or less.

Cost to Hire
It costs too much.
We eliminate extra costs by finding, training and verifying job-ready candidates.
Turnover is high.
SOURCE: National Restaurant Association
We guarantee our candidates.

RightSkill finds career-minded job seekers interested in a career in restaurant management, and we help prepare them for a day in the life of their new role. We have confidence in our candidates, which is why we guarantee that they will meet your satisfaction for 30 days, or we will replace them at no additional cost.

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