An innovative partnership program between CareerBuilder and Capella Learning Solutions

We provide job-ready customer service reps.

Hiring qualified customer service reps is tough.
Hire with RightSkill.

Talent Pool
There's not enough talent.
SOURCE: CareerBuilder
We create a larger talent pool.

We source, screen and verify job seekers to create a new pool of job-ready candidates.

Speed To Hire
It takes too long.
SOURCE: CEB Talent Neuron
We find them quickly.

Skip right to the interview, often in a week or less.

Cost to Hire
It costs too much.
We eliminate extra costs by finding, training and verifying job-ready candidates.
Turnover is high.

Call Centers with 500+ Employees:

SOURCE: Deloitte
We guarantee our candidates.

Our program is designed to produce CSRs who:

  • Perform better
  • Stay longer
  • Cost less to find and train

Best of all, we guarantee that each job-ready RightSkill candidate will meet your satisfaction for 30 days or we will replace them free of charge.
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