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Technical Support

Hire a Technical Support Specialist

This course prepares job seekers for roles like tier 1 support specialist, help desk technician and application support specialist.

Practical Experience

This program was developed in collaboration with industry experts and provides job seekers with real-world examples to get a feel for the job.

Verified Skills

To become a verified RightSkill candidate a job seeker must complete the Driving Customer Resolution through Quality Technical Support program by passing comprehensive multiple-choice tests to asses and verify their job-ready skills.

Job-Ready Guarantee

We help candidates understand the role so they’re more likely to stay and thrive in your organization.

Skills We Build, Assess and Verify

Interacting with customers including handling customer complaints

Diagnosing and troubleshooting problems

Managing cases using ticketing systems

Time and stress management

Basic computer hardware, software and network systems knowledge

Course Outline

Interacting with customers
  • The role of the Technical Support Representative (TSR)
  • Communication skills for TSRs
  • Communication in chat, phone, and email
  • Addressing barriers to customer service
Diagnosing and troubleshooting problems
  • Exploring the TSR environment
  • Techniques for troubleshooting issues
  • Troubleshooting techniques: inside the four-step model
Managing cases
  • Tracking systems
  • Using the CRM system to manage the case
Computer and networking basics
  • Network basics
  • Basics of software and hardware management
  • Access and account management
Managing day-to-day activities
  • A day in the life
  • Multitasking
  • Assessing skills
  • Managing stress
  • Managing your career

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