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Web Development

Building Mobile-Friendly Web Experiences Course

30 hours

This course prepares you for roles like front-end developer, front-end coder and mobile web developer. Building Mobile-Friendly Web Experiences is a self-paced course designed to be completed within 30 hours.

Practical Experience

Building Mobile Friendly Web Experiences was developed in collaboration with industry experts and provides you with real-world examples to get a feel for the job. Throughout the course you will complete a series of projects to build your own mobile-friendly website that can be included in your career portfolio and shared during interviews.

Verified Skills

To complete the course and become a verified RightSkill candidate, you must pass a comprehensive multiple-choice test that will assess and verify your skills.

Job Interviews

Once you become a verified RightSkill candidate, we work with you to secure job interviews with employers in your area who are actively hiring.

Skills You’ll Build and Verify

Web Design and Development

HTML Syntax and HTML5 specification

Chrome DevTools, Web Authoring and Debugging

CSS Syntax

Responsive Design and Mobile First Design

JavaScript - Document Object Model (DOM)

jQuery Plugins

Course Outline

Introduction to coding on the web
  • Welcome
  • “Hello world”
  • Chrome’s web developer tools
Introduction to interactive design
  • Designing for the web interface
  • Wireframing for multiple devices
  • Creating a style guide
HTML5 markup
  • HTML basics
  • The importance of semantics
  • SEO markup
Styling your site with CSS
  • CSS basics
  • Creating layout with CSS
  • CSS3 animation
Introducing basic interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery
  • An introduction to JavaScript and the DOM
  • Introductory jQuery
  • jQuery animation
Optimizing your site for multiple devices
  • Using media queries
  • Mobile design considerations
  • Mobile performance issues
Hosting, testing and going live
  • Publishing your content on the Web
  • Testing on multiple browsers and devices
  • Monitoring your site with Google analytics

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