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Retail Assistant Manager

Managing Front-Line Retail Operations

This learning experience prepares you for roles with job titles like assistant store manager, department supervisor and associate store manager.

Managing Front-Line Retail Operations is a self-paced program designed to be completed within 12 hours.

Practical Experience

Managing Front-Line Retail Operations was developed in collaboration with industry experts and provides you with real-world examples to get a feel for the job. You will complete an in-store activity as well as meet with a career coach to better prepare you for the job.

Verified Skills

To complete the program and become a RightSkill candidate, you must pass a seres of multiple-choice tests that will assess and verify your skills.

Job Interview

Once you become a verified RightSkill candidate, we work with you to secure job interviews with employers in your area who are actively hiring.

Skills You’ll Build and Verify

Driving unit profitability and leading great guest service

Shaping talent by training, coaching, and correcting employees

Recognizing strategies for motivating and empowering team members

Assigning work to maximize sales, efficiency, and team satisfaction

Optimizing payroll during peak and off-peak sales hours

Protecting profits and assets with shrink-resistant merchandising

Solving merchandising and replenishment issues using problem-solving, tools and systems

Overseeing Omni-channel selling at the store level

Prioritizing shift-level sales, merchandising, and replenishment

Communicating well with a diverse team of varying skills and abilities

Executing on management’s vision to drive goals and results

Program Outline

Operating a Retail Store
  • Assigning work to balance efficiency and team member satisfaction
  • Best practices for identifying and reducing retail shrinkage
  • The role of the assistant manager to use the point-of-sale (POS) system
Merchandising for Success
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Making profitable product placement decisions
  • Efficiently replenishing merchandise
Working With Customers
  • Demonstrating a guest-focused approach
  • The basics of Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Handling guest complaints effectively
  • Selling and handling guest objections
  • Benefits of ongoing customer relationship management (CRM)
Leading the Team, Part I
  • Successful communication skills
  • Executing on organizational goals
  • Effective decision-making processes
Leading the Team, Part II
  • Key proficiencies to direct others
  • Steps to coach and train team members
  • Recognizing and motivating the team
  • Benefits of team member skills development
  • Addressing performance issues
  • Managing a diverse team
Taking the Next Step
  • Preparing for the Interview Consultation Call
  • Market yourself with a Candidate Package
  • Observe and evaluate a live retail environment
  • Preparing for your interview

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