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System and Network Administration

Fundamentals of Systems and Network Administration Course

40 hours

This course prepares you for Tier 1 systems administration roles like network administrator, systems administrator, computer systems administrator and network and computer systems administrator.

Fundamentals of Systems and Network Administration is a self-paced course designed to be completed within 40 hours.


Practical Experience

Fundamentals of Systems and Network Administration was developed in collaboration with industry experts and provides you with real-world examples to ensure you are equipped to take on job responsibilities employers will expect. Throughout the course you will complete a series of projects to build a career portfolio that can be shared during interviews.

Verified Skills

To complete the course and become a RightSkill candidate, you must pass a comprehensive multiple-choice test that will assess and verify your skills.

Job Interview

Once you become a verified RightSkill candidate, we work with you to secure job interviews with employers in your area who are actively hiring.

Understanding the Tier 1 systems administration role in the enterprise

Common network topologies and protocols

Administering network infrastructure and architecture

Data flow in networks and the internet

Computing Subsystems

Installing operating systems

Server virtualization

Cloud services models, tools, and deployment processes

Troubleshooting, including command-line and GUI tools

Understanding and managing IP addresses, DHCP, and DNS components

Systems Security best practices

The role of the SysAdmin in disaster recovery

DevOps principles, culture, practices, and technology

Course Outline

Foundations of Network Technology Architecture
  • Overview of systems administrator role
  • Foundations of Network Infrastructure and Architecture
  • IP Classification and Subnetting
  • Introduction to Network Devices
  • Data Flow in Networks and Internet
  • Wireless Technology
  • Network Security
  • Basic Troubleshooting Commands
Computer Hardware and Software
  • Overview of the Systems Administrator Role
  • Computer Subsystems
  • Introduction to Storage
  • Operating System Installation and Cloud Computing
  • Security and Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Change Control Management
  • Cloud Services
Operating Systems
  • Services in Operating Systems
  • Manual IP Assignment
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • DNS Server Components and Configuration
  • Understanding DNS Zones and DNS Caching
  • Root Hints and DNS Forwarders
  • DHCP and DNS Security
Network Security
  • Determining appropriate security controls using baselines
  • Network security technology overview
  • Remote access connection
  • Utilizing firewalls as network security
  • Fundamentals of IPS/IDS
Fundamentals of DevOps
  • What is the DevOps culture?
  • DevOps best practices
  • Understanding DevOps technology

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